Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang has perfected the process of growing pears inside Buddha shaped plastic molds.
Each pear shaped like Buddha costs around 50 yuan ($7.32 USD)

Collection of modern shoes and unusual shoe designs that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Zoe Heels
Wireframe Shoes
Origami Shoes
Gold Shoes
Glass Shoes
Toeless Shoes
Hoof Shoes
High Heel Sneakers
Hair Shoes
Futuristic Shoes
Metal Shoes
Nail Heels
Soleless Shoes
High Chair Shoes

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This cool life-size Ferrari Formula 1 car was build by PUMA retail team out of nothing more than Ferrari branded clothing, caps, shoes and bags.

Collection of modern candles and unusual candle designs that will help you set the mood in style.

Money to Burn Candle
5 Minute Candles
Bleeding Candle
Beer Scented Candle
Electronic Candle
Coffee Cup Candle
80 Hour Candle
LED Blow On-Off Candles
LEGO Candle
Chalkboard Candle

Monday, September 21, 2009

Collection of unusual toilet paper designs that will spice up your bathroom and surprise your guests.
Sudoku Toilet Paper
Black Toilet Paper
Origami Toilet Paper
Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Crime Scene Toilet Paper
Horror Story Toilet Paper
Greenpeace Toilet Paper
Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper
Cactus Toilet Paper
Notepad Toilet Paper
Money Toilet Paper