Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ghost Cars of Venezuela

Seeing these ghostly apparitions that still ply the highways and country roads of the (mostly) developing countries, makes us better appreciate what we have (even though we complain about high maintenance, repair and gas bills). The logistics required to make these cars marginally road-worthy boggle the mind. Driving them is similar to boarding abandoned roller-coaster, you never know if there is a crash waiting at the next turn.

Thanks to Tony Pearson, who sent in these photos, we now have a little better idea of what the driving in Venezuela looks like.

Cuban Buses
Disregarding the condition of other cars in Cuba (almost all of them would throw US safety expert for a loop, and US vintage car collectors are amazed at how some ancient models still drive around), take a look at the public transit buses in Havana. Very strange.

More ghastly vehicles

Most are from the former communist countries (Borat-mobiles)

Vehicles in Iraq

...deserve their own category. Some of them refuse to die even after being "freshly squeezed" by your friendly neighborhood tank:

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