Saturday, June 13, 2009

Modern aquariums and creative fish tank designs from all over the world.

  1. iPond Portable Aquarium

  2. It is on sale in Australia and comes with gravel, water and a live fish. It has a built in speaker at the bottom and a headphone jack
  3. Cool aquariums made from the shell of Apple Macintosh computers.
  4. Infinity Aquarium
  5. Coffee Table Aquarium
  6. Bathtub Aquarium
  7. Sofa Aquarium
  8. Spacearium Aquariums
  9. Desk Aquarium
  10. R2-D2 Aquarium
  11. Local River Plant Aquarium
  12. Bus Stop Aquarium
  13. Bathroom Sink Aquarium
  14. AquaDom
  15. Old TV Aquarium
  16. Telephone Booth Aquarium

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