Saturday, October 24, 2009

Collection of modern bookends and creative bookend designs that will look great on any bookshelf.

Star Wars Trash Compactor Bookends

The valiant rescue of Princess Leia takes a turn for the worse when our heroes evade on-rushing stormtroopers by jumping down a garbage shoot. Each set of bookends is numbered and comes complete with matching certificate of authenticity.

Vintage Books Bookends

Why not keep your books together with even more books?

Dragon Bookends

Intricately detailed, painted metal bookends in matte finish.

Old Vinyl Records Bookends

LP Bookends created by Shelly Leer from old vinyl albums.

Voltron Bookends

The Voltron Lion Force Bookends are polystone resin sculptures standing approximately 10” tall, and are limited to 1000 pieces.

Reading Sophisticates Bookends

These cool bookends feature a man and a woman dressed in chic attire while indulging in their books.

City Slickers Bookends

These bookends feature three figurines dressed with blazers and caps, and the positioning of the figurines create the illusion that they are walking through the books.

Arrow Bookends

The magnetic arrow is drawn to the metal holder, thus creating a floating illusion.

Pinocchio Bookends

Individually hand painted and hand crafted, this set of bookends will keep your books organized.

Contemplation Bookends

Unique bronze figures sitting on wooden bookends drape over the edge of the shelf.

Falling Books Bookend

Stop your books from falling over with this creative bookend.

Book End Bookends

Organize your favourite novels with a pair of handy metal “BOOK END” bookends.

Fish Bowl Bookends

These bookends are halves of fish bowls that can be used as aquariums or d├ęcor pieces.

Batman vs. Superman Bookends

The world’s two greatest heroes, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight will display their heroic strengths on your shelf.

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