Monday, October 5, 2009


Amber - fossil resins used for the manufacture of jewelry, medicine. Has a lot of poetic names - "tears of the sea", "gift of the sun," etc.
The only thing in the world industrial plant for the extraction of amber (open pit quarries strong water jet eroding yantarenosnuyu so-called. "Blue earth") is located in the town of Amber Kaliningrad region of Russia. The deposits of amber in the Kaliningrad region is not less than 90% of the world.
In the Ancient Rus amber called ilektr or Ilektron (from al-Greek. Ἤλεκτρον, «amber"). In Azbukovnik ilektr described as "stone exceedingly honest, is one of the dredges taco call the stones, zlatoviden together and srebroviden. Perhaps the flammability of amber or ilektra gave rise to the appearance of a mythical "white-combustible stone Sura.

One can only imagine how beautiful was the Amber Room.

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